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Thank You!

Our hearts are full.

Our smiles are big, and bright and genuine.

And… there may be a few tears in our eyes.


Because of our nearly two hundred generous sponsors, our thousands of dedicated walkers and runners, and our dozens of volunteers, Gobble Gait will be donating $127,000 to Hastings Family Service. WOW!


For those of you keeping track at home, that means for TWENTY straight years we have surpassed our donation from the previous year. It might not be possible for it always to be that way, but to get to this point and be able to say that is beyond our wildest dreams from when this race was first created.


The support that Gobble Gait has received from the community is both heart-warming and humbling. We are beyond grateful. 


And… can we talk a little about the race this year?! The weather was flawless, the sun was shining, the course featured the beautiful riverfront and the festivities went long into the day. It was as though Mother Nature knew we were celebrating our Twentieth Anniversary.


The top men’s finishers, were Nick Ross and Zack Benning, good friends that crossed the finish line together at 25:32, they tied for first place! If that doesn’t say a lot about the spirit of the race…what does? In third place was M. Clare Brandt.


Top women’s finishers were Marit Sonnesyn (31:06), Kayle Hunnerkoch and Allyssa Reeves, first, second and third respectively.


The overall winner?! Hastings Family Service! Of course!


We have so many to thank…


OUR SPONSORS: What a generous bunch! Thank you to presenting sponsors Vermillion Bank and Storm Creek. We also saw an increase in sponsorship at every other level! What a gift to be part of such a caring community! Please, please take a look at this list, shop at their stores, eat at their restaurants and utilize their services, and while you're there, please thank them for their support of Gobble Gait 2017.


OUR VOLUNTEERS: We always knew that we had the most dedicated bunch of volunteers around, but each year as we seemingly need more and more of them, the call is answered.  They are out there manning the water stops, setting things up, getting people registered, working the traffic corners, holding the banners, bagging the groceries at Cub, stuffing the registrant packets, taking the photos, editing the videos and ringing the bells. So many people came through for us and rose to the challenge, with smiles on their faces!


A special shout out to the Lakeside Cemetery Association! They delivered our sponsors t-shirts this year. It’s one task, but taking it off our plate was enormously helpful. One volunteer put over 150 miles on their car with their list alone. That should give you a bit of an idea of how much time it saved us. 


The bottom line is this. there are literally dozens of amazing people that come together for us when we need it the most, and they make all the difference.


RACE PARTICIPANTS/REGISTRANTS: YOU are the heart of the race, filling the streets with the spirit of giving! We could feel positivity coming out of the crowd, young and old alike! Thank you for making Gobble Gait a part of your holiday tradition. Thank you for your continued support. And thank you for helping us break another record. Awesome!


Keep an eye on our Facebook page. Over the next couple of days, there will be a ton of photos and a video helping us to remember the beautiful day! Look them over, and feel free to tag yourself, your friends and your family! It was fun to see all of the your faces. If you’d like to have your photos included in our social media album, email them to GobbleGaitPics@gmail.com! We’ll make sure to get them posted! We’d love to see you and your loved ones enjoying the day!


Again... thank you, the 20th Annual Gobble Gait is in the books. We can’t wait to get started on the next one! We hope to see you for Gobble Gait 2018!



Gobble Gait, LLC

Mary, Jay, Brian & Stasia​

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