About us

Gobble Gait started in 1998 as a small race to raise some additional money for the Hastings Family Service.  Years later, we are still raising money to benefit Hastings Family Service, but it is no longer a small race!  Our 3k (2K prior to 2019) and 8k combined are now averaging well over 2,500 runners each year, and have consistently been one of the Twin Cities' largest Thanksgiving Day runs!  Many families have made it their traditional way to kick off the holiday season!


​Our race registration fees, paired with the hard work of race volunteers and the generosity of over 150 sponsors from around the community, have enabled Gobble Gait to raise over  a MILLION DOLLARS for Hastings Family Service!  Not to mention the tons of food that our race day food drive has brought in!  Wow!  These funds are used by Hastings Family Service to provide assistance to families in need of basic necessities like food, transportation and clothing.

On a day we celebrate our blessings.... it's such a great, fun way to give back!  We hope you make Gobble Gait a part of your Thanksgiving tradition!

GobbleGait: A Thanksgiving morning tradition in Hastings!


Since 1997, Gobble Gait has been a committee of community volunteers.  In 2011, the committee formed Gobble Gait, LLC, a Minnesota nonprofit LLC, a subsidiary of the Hastings Family Service, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All proceeds raised by Gobble Gait, LLC from it's annual event are delivered to Hastings Family Service to be used by Hastings Family Service to support its programs and services.  If you would like to deduct your Gobble Gait payment as a charitable deduction, please make your checks payable to Hastings Family Service.